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Gathering of friends

“I’m taking away only what you don’t own and I’m giving you what you already own. So my job is very easy” Osho

Throughout questions , answers and silence we search and discover what’s true and what’s false. Satsang it’s one of the most powerful instrument to raise the vibrational frequency. It’s meeting what we are,it’s the direct contact with the truth of who we are, without any mediation, simply without masks, going through every layer of our personality to reach the heart of our being, where we will find peace and silence. You’ll experience the Truth and this comprehension and experience will go over any word, it’s a deeper feeling that will take your mind in a completely quite and clear state. The illusion will disappear and you’ll spontaneously heal on every level.

In the retreat the staying it’s expected, it’ll be done in a group, and we’ll be inside and outside so you should bring the right equipment for the mountains, like trekking shoes and jackets.