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The Trail

The “Furlan”, people from Friuli, is the Highlander, the man of the plateau

Dear friends!
We are very sorry to announce the cancellation of the Furlander Trail. These days we have tried to reduce costs as much as possible and expected the arrival of new
participants that would have allowed us to cover partly the costs. This has not happened, and because we are a Co-operative and we do not have the necessary economic base we had to come to this conclusion.
In the next few days we will proceed with the full refund of the
participation fee to all those who had subscribed and paid.
We had a dream and even though it was not realised, we learned a lot, there were many beautiful moments, love, collaboration and fantastic emotions.
So thanks to Furlander Trail Running, Thank you Furlanderi !!
A hug to everyone from the staff
Amrit, Massimo, Gatita, Kyrra, Puja and Yuri

That’s how The “Furlander Trail Running” was born, with the Ultratrail of 64 Km and 3727 Mt climb, starting from plateau of  Padis di Sotto, Clauzetto, PN.
 After the success of 2015 edition, the second edition will take place on May 7, 2017.


The race will start from the restaurant “Il Furletto” opposite the Pradis Grotte, then will circumnavigate the slopes of Mount Ciaurlec and Mount Pala, the Cosa Vallley  and the Arzino Valley, among ancient clapadories (the natural stone streets as they are called in local dialect ) and beautiful singletrack with the colors of spring.

Moreover there will also be a “short” run for 32km and 1803 vertical meters (RUN), a FUN for 15.6 km and 670 vertical meters and a route for children (Mini).

The  Map


We have chosen violet and yellow because they’re visible for Deuteranopes and Protanopes.