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Zuanes it’s an ancient village located between Pradis di sotto and Clauzetto (Pordenone) founded in 1800.
The village houses are all built from wood and hand carved stone. Balins is part of those houses and it’ll be your vacation residency.
In the green and the silence of the forest, where everything stands still you’ll be walking through it’s ancient roads called “Clapadoris”. The pavement and the boundary walls are made of stone originally made for the animals that would follow the only road available. Balins was built in 1896 and it’s an amazing location for your staying, your meetings for a retreat or for a romantic vacation!

Located about 1 kilometers from the restaurant “Il Furletto”where you’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful naturalistic sports as well as great food. At 1 kilometers you’ll find the small town of “Clauzetto”, also known as “Balcony on Friuli” due to the amazing view that reaches all the way to the “Colli Euganei “. At 23 kilometers there is the beautiful medieval town of Spilimbergo that in August, during the days of the “Macia” will bring you back to the medieval times.